The Sundowner Boat Wrap

This project was a very proud moment for all employees that were involved at Commvisual.

We were approached by a client that wanted to impose some of their traditional paintings directly on their families Haines Hunter Signature with a boat wrap & graphics.

A lot of time and pride was taken in this project making sure that all the paintings supplied were directly reflected in the printing procedure.

From the characters, drawings and colours were all redeveloped in house digitally to match exactly what the paintings displayed.

Through many client meetings making sure the colours matched and that the print was going to land exactly in between the contours that ran on the vessel, we wanted to make sure we nailed it.

Using Arlon SLX with matching conformable over laminate and lining all the cut lines with design cutting tape to make sure there was no hand cutting necessary.

Then lining joins with a sealer to assure that no moister could get under the print so that this boat wrap lasted for 1000 more voyages.