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Why Digital Billboard Advertising?


Multiple ad campaigns can be displayed on a single screen with the content rotated at timed intervals.


More eye catching than static banner advertising. Digital has the ability to include moving images, transitions and bright colours for a more immersive experience


Schedule content for specific times of the day to promote a specific offering to your audience. For example, lunch or evening.


70% Digital billboards are most seen by shoppers in the “last window of influence” before making a purchase.*

Find a location that suits you!

Store Location

Billboard Near You

Billboard Near You

Double Sided Display
CBD, Sturt Street
80,000 In & Outbound 6m x 3m Landscape Enquire Now
Single Display
Shaw Road
70,000 In & Outbound 6m x 3m Landscape Enquire Now
Single Display
Woolcock Street
80,200 Inbound 6m x 3m Landscape Enquire Now
Super Site
20 Carrol St, Mt Louisa
84,000 Inbound 9m x 3m Landscape Enquire Now
Super Site
20 Carrol St, Mt Louisa
84,000 Outbound 9m x 3m Landscape Enquire Now

Did you know?

Biometric research shows people are 2.5x more alert outside the home compared to screen time at home, and are 2x more alert and likely to act

Alertness increases by 98% outside the home, which drives the attention and memory encoding necessary for advertising impact

72% of shoppers say they can be influenced through branding on their way to the store

When it comes to billboards in Eastern Queensland and billboard advertising in Townsville, we believe that we have every angle covered. Over the years, we have become vastly experienced in the industry and would now regard ourselves as experts! We can help you with selecting the right ad for you and your business. We offer comprehensive campaign monitoring and provide all our clients with a complete package and all the information they need to manage their campaigns. Our innovative billboard advertising in QLD allows you maximum flexibility when it comes to managing your adverts. You can control the frequency with which your ads are displayed as well as the times, thus increasing customer engagement. We have two main boards available, Sturt Street and Flinders Street and more details about their location and sizes can be found on our site. Naturally, our teams will be happy to discuss these options with you.

We want your campaign to be just as successful as you do! The best way for us to promote our business is through word of mouth, and as you can see from the testimonials on our site, we have numerous satisfied clients!

If you would like more information about billboard advertising in Townsville, billboard advertising costs in Townsville or have more general questions about billboard advertising in Eastern Queensland, we would be delighted to hear from you. You can call us on 0450 921 197, email on, visit us at 1/2 Whitehouse Street, 4810 Townsville, Queensland. Alternatively, you can contact us directly via our website.

We Look Forward To Hearing From You And Being Of Further Assistance.